Olivia's Snowflakes

Olivia's Snowflakes

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Olivia's Snowflakes is a program that Hillcrest and the PTA has supported since 2015.  It is named for a parent who helped to make it possible and who subsequently passed away.  We honor her memory with each fulfilled wish.

How it works: Sign up and select a snowflake, which contains a child's precious wishes.  Work your magic and return the gifts to Hillcrest by December 8, 2021.


Please do not wrap gifts, we want the parents to be part of the magic.  Feel free to include a roll of wrapping paper or some gift bags.


Be sure that all boxes/shopping bags holding gifts for your snowflake child are labeled with the number and letter associated with your child.  This is important to be sure our elves get the gifts to the right children.

All snowflakes are children at Hillcrest or their siblings. 

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness to our families.

Please email Cheryl Langhorst [email protected]/Amelia Lyons[email protected] if you have any questions.