Report cards are sent home every nine weeks to provide information about the student's progress at school, including grades, behavior, and attendance. These reports are a record of a student's progress based on expected achievement. Grades reflect a teacher's assessment of the child's classroom performance based on tests, projects, checklists, classroom assignments, homework and classroom observations.


OCPS Grading Scales

Primary Grades (K-1st)

S = 70-100 N = 60-69

U = 59-below W = Working on the skills

2nd and Intermediate Grades (3-5)

O = 90 - 100 S = 70-100 N = 60-69 U = 59-below



ProgressBook is an online management system. Parents can access ProgressBook to monitor the student's classroom progress and review the student averages, assignment details, homework participation, teacher messages, and attendance in ProgressBook. This system provides parents with 24/7 access to classroom information and student reports.