French Academy

French Academy

Children Presenting a French Play Children Wearing French Berets

The French Academy teachers aim to educate future citizens of the world and demonstrate that French is not just spoken in France but on four of the five continents! Students dive into an exploration of varied cultures all sharing one common element: sharing the same language. 

Learners will get the opportunity to participate in French plays, puppet shows, a living museum exhibit where the students incarnate famous French people, art creations, as well as cross-curriculum activities.  Reinforcement of the language happens throughout the day by linking French with other subject areas.  Digital tools, songs, books, and conversations enhance the learning of the second language.  Real world conversations help the students build real-world language skills.

 Are you prepared to hear about the engineering behind the Eiffel Tower or have a discussion at dinnertime in French about the water cycle? The French Academy is a place where all of these things can happen!