OCPS Mission, Vision & Goals


OCPS Vision
To ensure every student has a promising and successful future.

OCPS Mission 
With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways that lead our students to success.


1. High Expectations for Student Learning
2. Student Social and Emotional Well-Being
3. Dedicated and High Quality Team
4. Positive Climate and Safe Environment
5. Efficient Operations
6. Engaged and Invested Community

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Goals

1. The area of focus is English Language Arts (ELA).  The data indicates that in 2019, 51% of our Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) students showed a learning gain on the FSA.  This percentage is the weakest area overall for our students.  Focusing on ELA for our free and reduced lunch students will help to increase our learning gains overall.

2. Implementation of social and emotional learning initiative to close the achievement gap among Free and Reduced Lunch students in the third through fifth grade.