PTA, SAC and PLC involvement at Hillcrest is strongly encouraged for strength and mutual understanding within our community. Please consider becoming active in any of our parent outreach and support organizations. Parent groups work collaboratively within a yearlong with district and school based administrative and leadership teams to be effective liaisons for our parents and children.


Who? - Parents and teachers working collaboratively

What? - Reading out loud in your child's class a favorite or a focus-project book

When? - Taking place every first Tuesday of each month

Where? - Held in your student's classroom

How? - First, be sure that you are an approved "ADDitions" volunteer through the OCPS system. Then, contact your child's Language Arts teacher to schedule a time and collaborate on the focus element of the lesson.

Why? - Children increase their enjoyment of reading by listening to a variety of voices and engaging in interactive learning. They are able to ask key critical thinking questions as you guide them along in the story. You, as an active extension of our school based community, are able to share of yourself and your talents with your child and his/her peers.