Library Policies

Check Out

The Media Center is open for check out from 8:25-2:15
(1:15 on Wednesdays). Kindergarten students may check out one book for the first grading period. For the remainder of the year, kindergarten students will be able to check out two books. First and second graders may check out two books at a time. Third through fifth grade students may check out three books. The check-out period for all students is two weeks.

Book Responsibility

Please help your child be a responsible library patron. Find a safe place for books at your home. Should a book be accidentally damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself. Return it to the media staff. We will try to repair the damage using professional book repair materials and techniques. If the damage cannot be repaired, students will be responsible for the cost of replacing the damaged books. Students are also expected to pay for any lost books.


Parents are invited to visit the Media Center and check out books. So, come in, set up an account, and you may check out up to 5 books at a time!

We love parent volunteers! If you have some time to donate and are looking for a place to where you will be needed and appreciated....please contact me!