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The relationship between daily school attendance and academic achievement is indisputable. Regular and punctual attendance at school is essential for continuity of instruction and is the responsibility of the parents. An excused absence includes a written notice which is due to an illness or other such need.

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When a child is absent from school, the parent must send a note to the teacher stating the reason for the absence. If a written excuse is not received, the student's attendance record will reflect an unexcused absence. When a student's attendance or excessive tardies becomes an issue, parents will be notified by mail. As required by Florida Statutes and School Board Policy, interventions are utilized to resolve excessive absences. If all interventions fail, and excessive absences continue, the school social worker will enforce Florida Statute 1003.21 requiring compulsory attendance by coordinating the filing of petitions with the Juvenile Court and/or referring the parent to the office of the State Attorney for investigation and criminal prosecution.

Early Release of Students

If it is necessary for a student to leave early during the school day, the parent must come to the school office to complete the sign–out roster. Students may not leave the school during school hours unless they are picked up by their parent or designated guardian (as documented on the student's registration/paperwork) and signed out in the main lobby.


Tardy students can cause disruption to classes and often miss vital morning instruction. The school day begins at 8:45 AM. Students not in class at this time will be marked tardy. Any student arriving after 11:15 AM is considered absent, as more than half of the academic day has passed. Frequent tardies will be a cause of concern.